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The creation of value, which characterizes the relationship between any commodity and its cost, is considered one of the main development conditions in the market economy. Therefore, after the restoration of our state independence, after the transition of our country from a planned economy to a market economy, ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY is constantly creating value using existing resources. This process takes place at each stage of the value chain.

The value chain refers to the steps taken to create a product. For example, in order to produce the laminate that is laid on the floors in the houses, geomorphological research is first carried out on land or in the sea, seismic waves are directed underground with special devices, the results are interpreted, an exploration well is drilled, then a platform or drilling machines are installed, the field is developed, to keep the production stable. different means are used – different solutions, water or gas are injected into the well. The extracted product is separated from water, oil and gas are collected in the appropriate infrastructure, transported, then processed, methanol is produced from gas, formaldehyde is produced from methanol, melamine rubber is produced from it, and finally laminate is produced.

ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY carries out the main initial stages of the value chain of the oil and gas industry: it includes the entire value chain from gas production and transportation to the production of methanol and urea fertilizer, or from oil production and transportation to the production of high and low density polymers. A strategy that includes separate segments of the value chain is called vertical integration. Vertical integration is not only in Azerbaijan, but in other countries where ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY operates, especially ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY Terminal in the Republic of Turkey – “STAR” Refinery – “Petkim”noticeable in the petrochemical complex tandem. This strategic approach not only adds value to our company and our country, but also reduces dependence on one type of product – the sale of crude oil. Thus, during the periods when the price of crude oil in the markets fell sharply, our petrochemical enterprises were able to maintain their stability.

ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY is one of the largest private vertically integrated oil companies in Azerbaija bringing together research and design, exploration, drilling and production units, oil refining, gas processing, and marketing subsidiaries.

ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY carries out prospecting, exploration, and production of hydrocarbons in three Azerbaija oil and gas provinces — Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, and Timan-Pechora. The Company’s production units are fitted with advanced equipment and technologies, adjusted to local geological and climatic conditions, and allow the Company to do the full range of necessary work independently.

As a modern diversified company,ABSHERON OPERATING COMPANY responsibly fulfills its obligations to the state, shareholders, business partners, and consumers, conducts systematic modernization of production capacities, rationally uses natural resources, consistently addresses environmental safety issues, and is deeply involved in the social and economic development of the areas of its operations.

Sound resource base, continuous scientific search, latest equipment, breakthrough technologies, in-house hi-tech service units, highly automated technological processes, accumulated tremendous experience and labor traditions as well as the most efficient use of its workforce productive capacity make it possible for the Company to define the prospects for its development.